This is the website for Drum Corona International, a project in which past shows compete against each other in a simulated 2020 season. This is where you can see the schedule, follow the vote for which shows will compete, see the results, and more!

To read more about how this project was put together, you can check out my blog.

This tab contains basic information for each corps, including their source scores, schedule, and simulated scores.

The show that is competing for each corps is indicated. This was determined by a vote (which closed June 28th). You can see the full vote results at my blog, and you can still see and interact with the ballot here!

Corps that are not active DCI corps (like Capital Regiment) are given the same schedule as the active corps which is closest to them (in the case of Captial Regiment, it's the Bluecoats).

This contains the schedule by day, including the shows that are taking place, where they are taking place, the corps in them, and the results. Semifinals and Finals aren't included in the schedule yet, but they take place Aug 7th and Aug 8th. Like in the real world, all corps will perform in Prelims (August 6th), while the top 25 will perform in Semifinals (August 7th), and only the top 12 will perform in Finals (August 8th).

Scores are updated once per day, typically in the evening. You can also follow the scores every day by following me on twitter!

This contains the current forecast for how the season will go. We can see each corps' chance of winning, coming in second, coming in third, making finals, and making semifinals. The odds will move up and down as the season progresses, so make sure to check back every few days!

Below the forecast table, you can also see how the odds have changed over the course of the season in some interactive plots!

Odds Through the Season

I hope you are enjoying Drum Corona International! People who do open-source projects like this often ask for donations to help cover expenses (like server costs) but luckily I’ve got that covered. Instead, if you’re enjoying any of my projects, please consider donating to the Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund.

The Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that I cofounded to help support members of the Michigan band community who are interested in DCI. The organization offers scholarships to Michigan students marching or auditioning with any DCI drum corps. The economic implications of COVID-19 are broad, and I think scholarships programs like this are especially important for keeping drum corps accessible to everyone. Every dollar helps!