Drum Corona International Vote Results


Part 5

Voting is officially closed for the Drum Corona International competition! Each corps now has the show which will compete on their behalf. I’ll talk about my plans for the rest of the season in another post that’s coming soon, but the purpose of this post is to simply show the final vote count for each corps, just as a reference. I will also talk about what my predictions were for each coprs, and what surprised me.

It’s worth noting that I did not do anything to exclude some poeple from voting multiple times (I didn’t track IP addresses or set cookies or anything), and some people figured that out towards the end of the voting. So some shows had very dedicated individuals voting for them! Not all of them ended up winning, but it was fun to watch!

In case you didn’t have a chance to vote, or if you’d like to look at the ballot again, or if you’d like to compare your votes to your friends, I’m leaving the ballot accessible here. In the meantime, you can follow the rest of the project at drumcoronaintl.org!

Academie Musicale

Name Votes
1997: Metamorphosis 110
1996: Waterworld 100

This is not a very well known corps, as they’re from French Canada and weren’t around in the world of DCI for all that long. The 1990s actually had a fair number of corps from Canada, and one of the tragedies of modern drum corps, from my point of view as a Canadian anyway, is the almost complete death of the activity north of the border. The Canadian drum corps community used to be vibrant, and Montreal was home to a couple of DCI World Championships!

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Blue Devils

Name Votes
2011: The Beat My Heart Skipped 137
2008: Constantly Risking Absurdity 91
2006: The Godfather, Part BLUE 59
2013: The re:Rite of Spring 43
2018: Dreams and Nighthawks 35
2016: As Dreams Are Made On 30
2004: The SummerTrain Blues Mix 25
2000: Methods of Madness 16
1998: One Hand, One Heart 15
2002: Jazz: Music Made in America 13
2005: Dance Derby of the Century 7
1995: Carpe Noctem 6
1993: A Don Ellis Portrait 3

Blue Devils have the honor of having the highest number of shows removed due to ineligibility, because they win all the time. It’s worth noting, however, that the vast majority of their championships happened in this 27 year period, so this does present a somewhat skewed perception of the Blue Devil’s place in DCI history. I’m not surprised by the results though - The Beat My Heart Skipped was a wonderful show, and doesn’t normally get the credit it deserves because it didn’t win. To this day I think it’s one of the most emotional shows Blue Devils have ever fielded.

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Blue Knights

Name Votes
2015: Because 92
2014: That One Second 67
2019: …I Remember Everything 59
2018: The Fall and Rise 35
2017: …i 28
2016: The Great Event 18
2011: An English Folk Song Suite 18
2010: Europa 11
1994: Trittico for Brass Band 11
1993: The Next Generation 10
2013: NoBeginningNoEnd 8
2004: A Knight’s Tale 6
2012: Avian 5
2005: A Midsummer Knight’s Dream 5
2009: Shiver - A Winter in Colorado 4
2007: Dark Dances 3
1999: Suite for Brass and Percussion 3
2000: Colors of Brass and Percussion 2
2008: Knight Reign 1
2002: Fear and Trembling 1
1998: Masters of the Symphony 1
1997: Selections from Ben Hur 1
1996: Music of Ron Nelson 1

I thought That One Second was going to win. I think a lot of people see it as the show where the Blue Knights found their voice with their modern, emotional show design and performace. I don’t think the Blue Knights get enough credit for the impact they’ve had on drum corps show design in the last decade or so. Because was a really good show and I think it won because it’s one of the highest scoring Blue Knights shows ever, and the only time Blue Knights have performed after the intermission at DCI Finals.

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Blue Stars

Name Votes
2009: The Factory 107
2017: Star Crossed 68
2014: Where the Heart Is 54
2019: Call of the Wild 39
2008: Le Tour: Every Second Counts 25
2018: The Once and Future Carpenter 24
2010: Houdini 20
2011: ReBourne 13
2016: Le Reve 12
2015: Sideshow 11
2013: Voodoo: I Put a Spell on You 10
2012: The Blue World 10
2007: Power and Grace 5
2006: The Gift of Freedom 2

I fell in love with Blue Stars the minute I saw The Factory, and it’s a big reason why I decided to march there in 2012. Talking to other members at the time, The Factory was an incredibly influential. I think it is a testament to how good a drum corps show can be when the music is written specifically for a drum corps. I’m a little surprised it won, but I’ do k’m pretty sure this is becuase my friends and family all colluded to get it to win. Good job!

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Name Votes
2014: Tilt 153
2015: Kinetic Noise 140
2019: The Bluecoats 79
2018: Session 44 53
2017: Jagged Line 33
2008: The Knockout 28
2010: Metropolis: The Future is Now 19
2012: UnMasqued 13
2013: …to look for America 11
2006: Connexus 10
2005: Caravan 10
2011: Brave New World 8
1999: Music of Chick Corea 3
2007: Criminal 2
1993: Standards in Blue: A Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie 2
2009: Imagine 1
2001: Latin Sketches 1

No surprises here - Tilt has the largest fandom of just about any drum corps show these days. One individual wanted Kinetic Noise to win quite badly, and they almost pulled it off, but Tilt’s place in Bluecoats history is undeniable. I was pulling for the The Knockout myself - the Boxer hit was unforgettable.

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Boston Crusaders

Name Votes
2018: S.O.S. 126
1993: Untitled 120
2017: Wicked Games 85
2019: Goliath 57
2014: Animal Farm 28
2013: Rise 26
2011: Revolution 22
2000: RED 17
2002: You Are My Star 14
2010: Thy Kingdom Come 9
2001: Harmonium 6
2015: Conquest 5
2009: The Core of Temptation 5
2008: Neocosmos 4
2003: BRAVO! 4
2016: QUIXOTIC 3
2006: Cathedrals of the Mind 3
2012: The Titans 2
2007: A Picasso Suite 2
2005: Ode to Joy 2
2004: The Composition of Color 1
1999: A Collection of Symphonic Dances 1

I was surprised by how this vote turned out. Goliath was such a fan favourite last year that I thought it was going to win easily, but it turns out their 1993 show had a dedicated following of a few individuals. Still, S.O.S. was a great show, and it’s easy to see why it won.

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Capital Regiment

Name Votes
2006: Life Rhythms: Work, Rest, Play 107
2005: Chiaroscuro! 40
2003: A Brave New World 38
2004: Celebration of Life: Mind, Body, and Spirit 15

I’m not familiar with any of these shows, so I’m not surprised the most recent show won here. Capital Regiment was a very good mid-level drum corps, and it’s too bad they’ve folded.

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Carolina Crown

Name Votes
2012: For the Common Good 138
2016: Relentless 73
2015: Inferno 70
2009: The Grass is Always Greener 57
2008: Finis 56
2019: Beneath the Surface 46
2007: Triple Crown 45
2011: Rach Star 36
2010: A Second Chance 34
2014: Out of this World 18
2005: Angelus! 18
2018: Beast 15
2017: It Is 13
1995: Stormworks 6
2004: Bohemia 5
2006: In.Trance.It 4
2003: Bell-isimo 3
2002: Greek Mythology, Stories of Gods and Heroes 3

I had no idea which show was going to win this vote. Almost every show Carolina Crown has put on the field since 2006 has been a great show, and they’re a consistent fan favourite. I marched with someone who liked to say “Other than your own, which drum corps’ show design do you like most and why is it Carolina Crown?”. I was hoping The Grass is Always Greener would win, but every show in the top 10 were good candidates. For the Commond Good won mostly because of one very committed individual who pushed it across the finish line!

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Name Votes
2019: When Hell Freezes Over 87
2014: Dark Side of the Rainbow 63
2007: Equinox 20
2015: …And a Shot Rings Out 17
2002: Revelations 12
1993: The Four Seasons 12
2017: Both Sides Now 9
1999: Voices 9
1994: Relations and romance 9
2012: Boundaries 8
2013: Field of Dreams 7
1998: A Cappella Celebration 7
2010: True Colors 5
2001: Chivalry 4
1997: The Music of Blood, Sweat, and Tears 4
2004: From the Heartland 2
1995: Sunday Afternoon in the Park with George 2
2016: Nachtmusik 1
2011: Deception: The Jagged Edge 1
2009: Fathoms 1

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this vote. Back in 2014, it felt like Dark Side of the Rainbow was well-received by the entire drum corps community. I think the fact they missed Finals that year means a lot of drum corps fans have forgotten about it, and that left the door open for When Hell Freezes Over to win. Although I didn’t get a chance to see it last year, so it could be that I missed a great show!

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Name Votes
2019: Valkyrie 83
2012: FRAGILE 65
2018: The In-Between 35
2017: Enigma 28
2014: Alma Gitana: A Gypsy Soul 23
1998: The Music of Pat Metheny 20
2016: Continuum 19
2015: Above and Beyond 13
1999: Changing Perspectives: A Silver Celebration 11
1993: Songs for Planet Earth Part II: A Celebration of Humanity 11
1996: The Voices of Jazz 10
2002: The Signature Series 9
1997: The Colors of Jazz 8
1994: Songs for Planet Earth Part III: Suite Children 6
2007: Metamorphosis 5
2006: Changing Lanes 5
2005: Crossroads 5
2008: Planet X 2
2001: Late Night Jazz 2

This is another corps where I didn’t know what to expect. I think Crossmen has had a lot of solid shows in the last decade, but none of them stick out to me as being greater than the others. I’m not surprised Valkyrie won, nor am I surprised the vote was as spread out as it was.

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Name Votes
1994: The Music of Matrix 73
1993: The Music of Bill Chase 67

It’s too bad I couldn’t find enough good data to include show from before 1993, because the Freelancers had some great shows in the 1980s. My mom was a big fan, so I grew up on shows like their John Williams tributes from 1988 and 1989.

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Name Votes
2019: From the Ground Up 115
2017: The Other Side of Now 44
2018: RetroVertigo 41

Genesis is among the youngest competitors in Drum Corona International and I’m not surprised their most recent show won the vote.

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Name Votes
2001: IMAGO 64
2012: Glassworks 39
2008: Kar-ne-vel 27
2009: The Journey of ONE 20
2006: Beethoven: Mastery & Madness 20
2010: The Prayer Cycle 19
2002: Odyssey 15
2007: Gitano 11
1999: Empire of Gold 10
2000: Music of George Gershwin 7
1998: Dreams of Gold 7
1997: The Age of Gold 4
2011: My Mortal Beloved 3
1994: Days of Future Passed 3
2005: A New World 1

I thought Glassworks would win this vote handily, but I’m also really happy that IMAGO ended up winning. Glassmen don’t get enough credit for how good they were thoughout DCI’s history, and this is especially true of the late 1990s and early 2000s. IMAGO had them in the hunt for a medal!

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Jersey Surf

Name Votes
2012: Bridgemania 93
2019: FantaSea 67
2013: SOUL SURFIN’ 12
2017: Make It Our Own 9
2016: Ebb & Flow 5
2015: Sun Surfing 5
2009: Mozart Effect 5
2018: [mondo mondrian] 3
2014: Pay It Forward 1

There was no doubt that Bridgemania would win. It is one of the most fun shows I ever had the pleasure of seeing in person, and I think I speak for a lot of durm corps fans when we hoped that Jersey Surf was going to take up the mantle of the Bridgemen more permanently. Modern DCI has a habit of taking itself a little too seriously, and a group like Bridgemen or the Velvet Knights would do it a lot of good.

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Kiwanis Kavaliers

Name Votes
2005: Mission Accomplished 31
2001: Manhattan 23
1998: An American in Paris 15
2002: Hall of Justice 11
2003: All You Need is Love 10
1997: Evita 9
1996: West Side Story 9
2004: West Side 7
1999: Variations in Jazz 5
2000: Love in Time of War 3

Kiwanis Kavaliers are another Canadian corps from the bygone era of drum corps in Canada. I’m not surprised Mission Accomplished won, and I look forward to learning more about the show. Anything related to the words “Mission Accomplished” from that era reminds me of President Bush, so I wonder if they addressed the association at all in their show.

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Les Etoiles

Name Votes
1999: Ice Storm 52
1998: Hummell Gets the Rockets from the Film “The Rock” 38

The third and final Canadian corps that will compete in Drum Corona International. It seemed pretty obvious that a show entitled Ice Storm, performed by Canadians, would win the vote.

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Madison Scouts

Name Votes
2011: New York Morning 79
1995: A Drum Corps Fan’s Dream: A Day in the Life of a Bullfighter 48
1996: A Drum Corps Fan’s Dream: Part Dos 33
2013: Corps of Brothers 24
2019: Majestic 19
1999: Selections from Jesus Christ Superstar 18
1997: The Pirates of Lake Mendota 17
2010: Untitled 12
2015: 78th & Madison 11
2006: Primal Forces 8
2004: MadiSonic 7
2016: Judas 6
2012: Reframed 5
2005: The Carmen Project 5
2018: Heart & Soul 4
2007: Unbound 4
2014: Time Trip 3
2009: El Relampago 3
2002: Conquest 3
2017: The Last Man Standing 2
2001: Hot Jazz – Madison Style 2
1998: Power, Pizzaz, and All That Jazz! 2
1993: Reflections and Evolution 2
2008: La Noche de la Iguana 1
2003: Gold, Green, and Red 1
2000: The Cossack Brotherhood 1

I was wondering if the Madison Scouts would be one of the corps where an old show from the 1990s would beat out their recent shows. 2nd and 3rd place were both from the 1990s, but New York Morning was an emotional show that paid tribute to 9/11 really well. The closer is unforgettable, so I gave it all my votes and I’m not that surprised it won.

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Magic Of Orlando

Name Votes
2004: Pirates of the Caribbean 41
2003: Silver Voices 30
2006: Imagine! 25
1996: Twelve Seconds to the Moon 20
1993: Cirque De Magique 17
1999: The Music of Mangione 14
1994: Cirque De Magique, Part Deux 8
1995: Danse Animale 4
1997: Carnivale: Celebrations for Sinner and Saint 3
2005: A New Beginning 1
1998: Muddy Water Blues 1

Magic of Orlando has a pretty distinguished place in DCI history, where they made DCI FInals in 2002 despite being a Division II corps. Their history is quite a saga, and I imagine 2002 would have won if it were eligible. That said, Pirates of the Caribbean is a pretty irresistible show title.

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Name Votes
2018: Life Rite After 93
2017: Inside the Ink 77
2019: Subterra 62
2014: UnbreakABLE: The Human Spirit is Limitless 11
2004: Samurai 6
2006: Rhythm Nation 5
2012: Prophecy 4
2008: River 3
2016: Forbidden Forest 2
2013: Destination America: Journey of the Paper Sons 2
2010: To Dream of Far Away Lands 1
2009: Absolute 1
2007: Dragon Dance 1
2005: Loves Me… Loves Me Not… 1
2003: Black Market Bazaar 1

I don’t think the drum corps community has enjoyed watching the rise of any drum corps lately like we have with the Mandarins. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves with the dark, melodramatic show design, and Life Rite After embodies that perfectly. I also loved Inside the Ink, but there was no question which show would win this vote.

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Music City

Name Votes
2018: Hell on Wheels: The Final Journey of Casey Jones 169
2019: Of Mice and Music 31

I don’t think anyone had any doubts which show would win this vote. It won fan favourite on FloMarching consistently in 2018, and it was well deserved.

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Oregon Crusaders

Name Votes
2014: nevermore 65
2018: Redrum 58
2016: Hunted 23
2017: EnCompass 12
2013: My Choice, My Battle, My Soul 12
2015: The Midnight Garden 4

The folding of Oregon Crusaders was pretty abrubt after 2018. My favourite show of theirs was Dreaming in Color, which won them Open Class in 2012 and moved them up to World Class. I don’t think I’m alone in that. nevermore was a fun, dark show that paid tribute to Poe with style. I’m happy that it won.

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Pacific Crest

Name Votes
2019: Everglow 102
2017: Golden State of Mind 17
2018: Here’s to the Ones Who Dream 12
2015: The Catalyst 12
2004: On Dangerous Ground 12
2013: Transfixed 4
2010: Maze 4
2008: Primality: The Rituals of Passion 4
2016: The Union 3
2014: No Strings Attached… 3
2012: The Spectrum 2
2006: From the City of Angels 2
2003: Invocacion a Poderosos 2
2005: Fluid States: Vapor, Solid, Liquid 1

Everglow is one of the few shows I didn’t have a chance to see in 2019, and it seems like I missed out!

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Phantom Regiment

Name Votes
2003: Harmonic Journey 124
2007: On Air 91
2011: Juliet 61
2010: Into the Light 47
2006: Faust 29
2018: This New World 23
2012: Turandot 23
2019: I Am Joan 22
2005: Rhapsody 20
1993: The Modern Imagination 19
2004: Apasionada 874 13
2014: Swan Lake 9
2015: City of Light 7
1995: Adventures Under a Darkened Sky 6
2017: Phantasm 5
2016: Voice of Promise 3
2000: The Masters of Mystique 3
2013: Triumphant Journey 2
1994: Songs for a Summer Nigh 2
2009: The Red Violin 1

Both Harmonic Journey and On Air are classis Phantom shows, from an era where they were formidable, despite not winning very much. 2000s Phantom is quite similar to 2010s Caroina Crown, in my opinion. The voting was neck and neck for each of the top shows, but utimately Harmonic Journey won out.

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Name Votes
2018: Celtic Dragons 52
1997: Riverdance 23
2006: Emeraldscapes 11
2000: Dances of Brigadoon 11
2008: Celtic Reflections 5
1999: Greensleeves 5
2016: St. Joan of Arc 3
2002: Oliver 2
1998: Irish in your Face 2
2017: Irish on Broadway 1
2015: Exodus: Divide the Sea, Unite the People 1
2014: Joy! 1
2012: Irish Immigrants: The Hands that Built America 1
2009: Celtic Trinity 1
2003: Spirit of the Pioneer 1

Their show design has always made it clear what Pioneer values, and I’m not surprised their most recent show won. I remember thinking their 2018 show had the highest level of performance I’d seen from them in quite a while after I saw it live.

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Santa Clara Vanguard

Name Votes
2013: Les Miserables 81
2015: The Spark of Invention 63
2017: Ouroboros 59
2016: Force of Nature 36
2014: Scheherazade: Words 2 Live By 34
2009: Ballet for Martha 28
2004: Attraction: The Music of Scheherazade 20
2019: Vox Eversio 16
2012: Music of the Starry Night 16
2001: New Era Metropolis 14
2007: Eureka 10
1998: Aaron Copland – The Modernist 10
1995: Not the Nutcracker 7
2008: 3hree: Mind, Body, Soul 6
2006: Moto Perpetuo 4
2003: Pathways 4
2011: The Devil’s Staircase 3
2005: Russia: Revolution-Evolution: 1917-1991 3
2000: The Age of Reverence 3
2002: Sound, Shape, and Color 2
1997: Fog City Sketches 2
2010: Bartok 1
1994: The Red Poppy 1

SCV is, in my opinion, the most consitently great corps in DCI history. I grew up on SCV from the 70s and 80s, so their recent medals and 2018 championship have returned DCI to a state where things just feel right. There are so many great shows on the ballot I had no idea which would win, but Les Miserables is a classic.

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Seattle Cascades

Name Votes
2019: Off the Grid 36
2002: City Riffs: The Music of Leonard Bernstein 32
2017: Set Free 30
2015: Intergalactic 24
2005: Airborne Symphony 13
2016: O 8
2007: Three 4
2018: What Goes Around 3
2011: Pandora, A Dark Gift 3
2012: Shinto 2
2003: Festiva Danza 2
2014: Turn 1
2010: Silver Lining 1
2006: Redemption 1

I’m not familiar enough with Cascades shows to have a sense for which show would win the vote. I’m not surprised the most recent show won, but I think it would have been fun to have their Bernstein show in the competition.

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Sky Ryders

Name Votes
1993: Untitled 120

This was one of the two automatic qualifiers for Drum Corona International. Like the Freelancers, the Sky Ryders made me which wish I could have included shows from the 1980s. Their DCI Finals run from 1986 to 1988 has some great shows which don’t get enough credit.

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Name Votes
2000: Untitled 39
2007: InTheLoop 28
2002: Evolution 17
2005: A Distorted Imagination 16
1997: Scenes from Childhood 12
2006: Duality 9
1999: Untitled 8
1996: A Gospel Celebration 3
2004: A Journey Through the Sands 2
2003: Dance Portraits 1
2001: A New Era 1

Southwind is the corps that started it all for Legends, which got their name based on Southwind’s ballad from 2000. My history with Legends made me vote for thsi show, and I’m pretty my fellow Legends alumni did the same. The show titles for Southwind remind us, more than any other corps, how recent the idea of naming every DCI show is.

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Spirit of Atlanta

Name Votes
2019: Neon Underground 67
2018: Knock 41
2013: Speakeasy 33
2012: Sin City 13
2001: Ghost Train 12
2011: ATL Confidential 6
1999: Jump, Jive, Jazz, and Wail 6
1997: Southern Jazz – Spirit Style 6
2006: Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue 5
2005: The Spirit of Broadway 5
2016: Georgia 4
2003: Time 4
1998: Untitled 3
1996: Bye George: It’s Gershwin 3
2017: Crossroads: We Are Here 1
2014: Magnolia 1

I thought one of their DCI Finals shows from 2011 to 2013 would win, but perhaps they’re not as recent a memory as I thought. That said, Neon Underground and Knock were both great shows, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spirit back in DCI Finals soon.

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Star of Indiana

Name Votes
1993: The Music of Barber and Bartok 210

This is the second of the two automatic qualifiers. I don’t think there’s much to say about Star 1993 that hasn’t already been said, but I’m worried that the internet will be pretty upset if this show doesn’t win Drum Corona International.

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The Academy

Name Votes
2016: Drum Corpse Bride 149
2019: The Bridge Between 26
2017: By a Hare 25
2018: Academic 22
2015: A Step in Time 11
2011: (RE) 11
2013: Piano Man 7
2010: Strangers in Paradise 7
2009: The Ascent 6
2014: Vanity Fair 5
2012: Left of Spring: Stravinsky Revisited 5
2007: The Chase 5
2008: Vienna Nights 1

I will never forget the standing ovation they received before their Finals performance in 2016. It was well deserved and there was no doubt Drum Corpse Bride was going to win the vote by a mile.

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The Cadets

Name Votes
2015: The Power of 10 104
2013: Side By Side 94
2018: The Unity Project 62
2012: 12.25 39
2003: Our Favorite Things 29
2010: Toy Souldier 24
2019: Behold! 21
2017: The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven 19
2009: West Side Story: Celebration and Conflict 17
2001: Juxtaperformance 15
2002: An American Revival 14
1995: An American Quintet 12
2007: This I Believe 11
2004: Living In the Past 10
2014: Promise: An American Portrait 9
2008: … and the pursuit of happiness 7
1999: The Big Apple 4
1994: West Side Story: Hot and Cool To Go 4
1997: Celebration 3
1996: An American West 3
2006: Volume 2: Through the Looking Glass 2
2016: Awakening 1

For better or worse, I think The Power of 10 won because it’s the last show from “The Cadets” as we’d all come to know them under George Hopkins. I don’t know anyone who didn’t like the show. One voter tried to push Side by Side above it, but it won with some last-day support. I voted for The Unity Project myself, based mostly on the tears we all shed at their closer during Finals Week.

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The Cavaliers

Name Votes
2003: Spin Cycle 106
2010: Mad World 75
2019: The Wrong Side of the Tracks 39
2011: XtraordinarY 35
2008: Samurai 31
2017: Men are from Mars 28
2016: Propaganda 25
2018: On Madness and Creativity 24
2007: And So It Goes 20
2014: Immortal 8
2005: My Kind of Town 8
1999: Classical Innovations 7
1997: The Firebird 6
2012: 15 Minutes of Fame 5
1998: Traditions for a New Era 5
2013: Secret Society 4
1996: Pan American Sketches 3
1994: Rituals 1

I think it was pretty obvious that either Spin Cycle or Mad World would win the vote, and it turned out to be quite close. A few voters in the last week put Spin Cycle ahead.

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Name Votes
2015: Wild Horses 66
2009: Western Side Story 51
2018: The New Road West 23
2016: hero 21
2013: Magnificent 11 18
2019: Beyond Boundaries 17
2011: The Road Home 16
2005: Gold Rush 10
2017: Duels and Duets 6
1995: A Copland Canvas 6
2014: A People’s House 3
2012: This Was the Future 3
2002: Red, White, and Blue 3
2010: Wanted 2
2008: Iron Horse Express 2
1994: Southwestern Sketches 2
2003: Reflections of the Blue and Grey 1

The Road Home is the most underrated Troopers show of all time, and this is a hill I will die on. The “infinity chord” is still one of the most unique and classic moments I’ve seen in any show in DCI history. That said, I really thought that Western Side Story would win given that it pushed them into Finals in 2009, but Wile Horses is a bit more recent and I think that’s why it won.

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Velvet Knights

Name Votes
1993: Magical Mystery Tour – Part III 461
1996: Magical Mystery Tour In Space 386
1994: A Midsummer Knight’s Dream 343
1995: Harlequin Carnival 10

DCI badly needs VK to make a comeback. They tried in 2010, and were tons of fun to run into on the road when I was with Legends. One person really loved the Velvet Knights, but also really didn’t like Harlequin Carnival. I had no idea which rendition of Magical Mystery Tour would win, but it was obvious that it would be one of them!

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