Drum Corona International Kickoff Post!


Part 6

Voting has closed and the competitors in Drum Corona International 2020 have been determined! I was really pleased with the engagement I had with folks from around the drum corps community, and I hope, if you’re reading this, that you had a chance to vote! If you didn’t, I left the ballot open, even though your votes won’t count. I found it really fun to go through and remember the all of their wonderful shows over the last 27 years, and it’s especially fun to compare your ballot with a friend!

There’s more details to cover in terms of how the competition is going to work, but here’s the list of winners for each corps:

Corps Location Winner
Academie Musicale Sherbrooke, QC 1997: Metamorphosis
Blue Devils Concord, CA 2011: The Beat My Heart Skipped
Blue Knights Denver, CO 2015: Because
Blue Stars La Crosse, WI 2009: The Factory
Bluecoats Canton, OH 2014: Tilt
Boston Crusaders Boston, MA 2018: S.O.S.
Capital Regiment Columbus, OH 2006: Life Rhythms: Work, Rest, Play
Carolina Crown Fort Mill, SC 2012: For the Common Good
Colts Dubuque, IA 2019: When Hell Freezes Over
Crossmen San Antonio, TX 2019: Valkyrie
Freelancers Sacramento, CA 1994: The Music of Matrix
Genesis Austin, TX 2019: From the Ground Up
Glassmen Toledo, OH 2001: IMAGO
Jersey Surf Camden, NJ 2012: Bridgemania
Kiwanis Kavaliers Kitchener, ON 2005: Mission Accomplished
Les Etoiles L’Acadie, QC 1999: Ice Storm
Madison Scouts Madison, WI 2011: New York Morning
Magic Of Orlando Orlando, FL 2004: Pirates of the Caribbean
Mandarins Sacramento, CA 2018: Life Rite After
Music City Nashville, TN 2018: Hell on Wheels: The Final Journey of Casey Jones
Oregon Crusaders Portland, OR 2014: nevermore
Pacific Crest Diamond Bar, CA 2019: Everglow
Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL 2003: Harmonic Journey
Pioneer Milwaukee, WI 2018: Celtic Dragons
Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA 2013: Les Miserables
Seattle Cascades Seattle, WA 2019: Off the Grid
Sky Ryders Hutchinson, KS 1993: Untitled
Southwind Mobile, AL 2000: Untitled
Spirit Of Atlanta Atlanta, GA 2019: Neon Underground
Star of Indiana Bloomington, IN 1993: The Music of Barber and Bartok
The Academy Tempe, AZ 2016: Drum Corpse Bride
The Cadets Allentown, PA 2015: The Power of 10
The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL 2003: Spin Cycle
Troopers Casper, WY 2015: Wild Horses
Velvet Knights Anaheim, CA 1993: Magical Mystery Tour – Part III

You can see the full vote results by corps in my blog post from earlier this week!

What’s Next

The voting may have ended but the Drum Corona International season has just begun1! I will be updating the scores over at drumcoronaintl.org every day from now until the end of the season, according to the 2020 schedule that would have been. I’ll be posting weekly summaries and some commentary every Saturday evening or Sunday morning here on my blog, and you can also follow me on twitter where I will post the scores every evening!

Through the course of the Drum Corona International season, I will also be discussing each of the shows, including their repertoire, schedule, historical context, and more in this blog. I would love to share stories of the staff, members, and volunteers from each of the shows as well, so if you’ve marched in these shows or know someone who has, please get in touch!

Speaking of all of the shows, the show titles for each corps will be updated to reflect the days of COVID 2. So far we have The School Year My Class Skipped for the Blue Devils, Les Contagieuse for Santa Clara Vanguard, The Power of 10 Feet Apart for The Cadets, and Life Rhythms: Don’t Work, Rest, Don’t Play for Capital Regiment. I would love some show title suggestions for the other corps, and I’m also happy to change the titles we already have - if you have a title suggestion, let me know, or @ me on twitter!


The season began with a bang for Star of Indiana, and they are currently the favourites to win the title! But the season is long, and Cavaliers and Blue Devils are also off to a strong start. Farther down the lineup, Phantom Regiment and Carolina Crown are likely disappointed in the start that they’ve had, while the Blue Knights are off to a decent start.

The next few days are critical, so be sure to check back in for scores each evening!


I hope you are enjoying Drum Corona International! People who do open-source projects like this often ask for donations to help cover expenses (like server costs) but luckily I’ve got that covered. Instead, if you’re enjoying any of my projects, please consider donating to the Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund.

The Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that I cofounded to help support members of the Michigan band community who are interested in DCI. The organization offers scholarships to Michigan students marching or auditioning with any DCI drum corps. The economic implications of COVID-19 are broad, and I think scholarships programs like this are especially important for keeping drum corps accessible to everyone. Every dollar helps!

  1. It was supposed to start on June 18th, but I’ve been struggling with my mental health during the pandemic and am behind schedule. Hopefully I’ll be on schedule the rest of the season!↩︎

  2. Shoutout to Mike Linnehan for the great idea!↩︎