Public service is very important to me - being a career civil servant at EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality is the great joy of my professional life.

I currently teach marching bands at both Comstock High School and Ferndale High School.

Community Service

I am an active member of the drum corps and band community across the state of Michigan. Aside from my role as a teacher and mentor to young students, I am also the cofounder and current Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund. We are a nonprofit focused on lowering the financial barrier to marching drum corps for Michigan students. Please consider donating!

While I am paid for my teaching work with both Comstock and Ferndale, any net income I generate from these jobs is donated to the Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund.


For a time, I was an active volunteer helping the Citizen’s Climate Lobby with presentations. While I decided to step away from the organization in 2019, they do great work and I’m proud of the work I did with them.

I am an active member of the Kalamazoo Curling Club. I’m proud to say that we regularly hold fundraising events at the club, supporting causes like curing Lupus, supporting children’s hospitals, the American Heart Association, and more.

I am an active member of the Go and R communities. I don’t do any teaching or presenting beyond helping my coworkers and some grad students, but I hope to when I have more time available. If you are looking for someone to mentor or teach either of these languages, or even just want help on a project, please get in touch!

What’s Good

Inspired by The Good Place (specifically, the podcast), this section of the website it where I will list things, in no particular order, that give me joy, inspire me, or that I think are simply worth sharing.